By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a NJ Alzheimer’s Attorney
Many nursing homes and retirement homes know that Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are vulnerable to mistreatment.  Therefore, elder abuse is on the rise by caretakers.  To avoid abuse, it is necessary that the attorney representing the abuse victims be able to do so in a compassionate manner and avoid potential problems given the vulnerable nature of these patients.
Patients in the early stage of the disease will have full cognition, yet may be slightly afraid or timid.  If they have difficulty remembering who you are, then you should easily be able to ask if anything is wrong.  Be persistent, but respectful when obtaining this information.  You should also drop in on the care facility on occasion.  If you see that your loved one has any obvious signs of neglect, then ask the staff to explain what you are seeing.  If the staff hesitates, then this is a sign for you to be suspicious.
No one should have to face abuse at any point in their life, especially during their later years.  Everyone is vulnerable at some point, so having someone to take care of the elder will ensure that they are protected.
NJ Alzheimer’s dementia law is designed to protect those in long-term care.  To avoid having to deal with legal issues, make sure that you are able to have a NJ attorney ready to deal with your case.

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